Golden Eagle

It almost takes your breath away when a golden eagle comes into land just a few feet in front of the hide.
Seeing an eagle up close with their huge wingspan,
beautiful markings and sharp look is an extraordinary experience.

Birds of prey and game in snow cover

In northern Gästrikland stands a special built forest hut where many bird species can be seen during the winter.

In the sparse pine forest  many bird species thrive, such as greater spotted woodpeckers, grey woodpeckers and black woodpeckers.
In addition to golden eagles, goshawk and white-tailed eagles sometimes land. The fox can tiptoe past and the squirrel often jumps around between the trees.
Great tits, blue tits, ravens, nuthatches, coal tits, tree creepers, crested tits, bullfinches, bramblings, robins and willow tits are also continuous guests.

Guests are picked up at the agreed time (no later than 1 hour after sunset).

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* Child = 5 – 15 yrs old

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Our activities are done on the conditions of nature and there is no guarantee of what we will see / hear / experience.


We meet at 19:00 at Wild Nordic’s gallery. After a short drive and 200 metres on foot, the guide shows how everything works in the hide. After coffee and chat you are left in the hut to crawl into the warm sleeping bags and hopefully sleep well in the fresh air.


Tree stumps and bird perches are found around the hide for the best possible chance to see and photograph the birds. The eagles land at about 20 metres away and the small birds are fed about 4-7 metres from the hut. The hide has 10 photo windows with camouflage nets on the outside. For photography, 200-500 mm is suitable, but simpler cameras can of course also be used. There are bean bags and smart tripod solution for your camera.

The hide has 2 beds, 140×200 cm and a simple toilet. Blankets, sleeping bags and pillows are available, even warm slippers of various sizes and the floor has an insulating mat with rugs on top. There is also a gas stove, heating pads and warm ponchos. There is bad connection in the hide (ok for calls and texts but unstable internet).

Things to know before the golden eagle watching

Guided tour

A guide will show you to the hide and meet you the day after.


It is included with coffee on arrival at the hide. Tell us about any special diet / food allergy.

Packed lunch

You can bring your own food or order a lunch bag containing pasta salad, sandwich, fruit, juice, tea / coffee. 225 SEK/ person.


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