Seeing a goshawk up close with its beautiful coverage
and sharp gaze are an experience beyond the ordinary


In northern Gästrikland there is a beautiful forest glade where many bird and animal species thrive. During the winter, the water station is often visited by goshawks, but many other animals also come to renovate their food stores.

The hide is not only for photographers to enjoy. Some conservation work has been placed within the location such as bird boxes, nest protection and habitat enhancements. The area is a private land with no traffic which guarantees that wildlife is not disturbed

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Our activities are done on the conditions of nature and there is no guarantee of what we will see / hear / experience.


After a 10 minute drive and 100 metres by foot, the guide will show you the hide and on your own you begin the exciting search

This activity takes place during the daytime


There are 3 different windows with the possibility to change the set up. Basic set up is a long one way glass (spy glass) 180 x 20 cm and 2 photo openings where you can place your camera. The water area starts right in front of the hide and goes up to 5 metres aways. For photographing, a lens within the range of 200-600 mm work well. Wildlife can be really close and a zoom is definitely the best option. Bean bags are provided and also tripod heads with arca swiss mount (one gimbal and one swing tripod)

Suitable for 2 persons. The hide has been mostly built with recycled material. There is a customized foldable photo shelf so you can use your own tripod through the one way glass if you want to. The photo openings can be replaced by one way glass windows.


Good to know before this activity

Guided tour

A guide bring you to the hide and show you the right things to do. The guide will also pick you up


A welcome snack will be served and we are happy to make you a thermos of tea or coffee for the time in the hide

Packed lunch

You can bring your own food or order a packed meal containing pasta salad, sandwich, fruit, juice. 225 SEK/person


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species has been seen in the hide area
bugs/day can be eaten by a flycatcher
times/day can a woodpecker hack

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