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During the summer, we have three activities that can be booked together.
Even during the winter, it is fine to book several activities.

Experience wildlife at close quarters

Experience wildlife up close.
If you are interested in seeing as much as possible of our Swedish wildlife, you are warmly welcome to book several activities.

Summer, proposal 1

Summer, proposal 2

Summer, proposal 3

To think about

Other species at the Bear hide

Other species at the Waterstation

Our activities are done on the conditions of nature and there is no guarantee of what we will see / hear / experience.


A big sandwich is served on arrival and we go through all the practical information. After a short walk through the forest, the guide show you the hide and on your own you begin the exciting search. In the morning you will be picked up by the guide and breakfast buffet is served.

When you feel ready, we go to the Water Station and decide the time  for pick up time together. After 10 minutes drive and about 100 meters on foot you are there.


The bears usually stay 20-30 metres from the hide (as close as 6-7 metres). For photographing, 200-500 mm lens work well. Of course, it is also possible to use simpler cameras with shorter focal lengths, when shooting directly through the windows. The hide has 10 photo windows on 3 of the 4 walls. There are “bean bags” for the cameras in the hide and smart tripod solutions. Your own tripod heads/tripods do not work. Flash is not allowed.

At the Waterstation there are  2 photo openings and a long one way glass (spy glass) 180 x 20 cm. The water area starts right in front of the hide and goes up to 5 metres aways. For photographing, a lens within the range of 200-600 mm work well. Wildlife can be really close and a zoom is the best option. Bean bags are provided and also tripod heads with arca swiss plates (gimbal heads and swing tripod)

Bear hide: You are safe in the hide. The bears are very shy and the smallest sounds can make them run away. The hide has 2 beds, 140×200 cm (you can lie 2 in 1 bed) and extra bed/bedsfor companies of 5-6 persons. There is a simple toilet. Blankets, warm ponchos and pillows are available, also warm slippers of various sizes and the floor has an insulating mat as well as rugs on top. There is bad reception in the hide (phone calls and texts use to work but unstable internet).

Waterstation: Made for 2 persons. There´s a toilet and a bunk bed with pillows and blankets, warm ponchos and slippers. 

Good to know before this activity

Guided tour

A guide informs you of all the details and shows you how everything works in the hides.


A big sandwich is served on arrival. Notify us about any special diet / allergy.

Packed lunch

Bring your own food for the time in the hide.


Breakfast is included in this activity. Notify us about any special diet / allergy.


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