Just over 2 hours north of Arlanda, you can experience encounters with wild brown bears.
In northern Gästrikland stands a specially built forest hut where both bears and other animals have been seen on many occasions.
The hide stands a little high up and overlooks three directions.
In the mossy pine forest with large boulders, a bear can appear at any time.

Experience bears at close quarters

Meet in Wild Nordic’s gallery. A medium sized sandwich is served and we go through all the practical information.
After a short walk through the forest, the guide shows you the right way to hide and on your own you begin the exciting search.

The hide has 4 places.

Booking and the season

  • Season: 20 april - 10 september. All days of the week except Monday.
  • When booking 1-2 people, additional guests could be booked.
  • When booking 3-4 people you get the hide to yourself.
  • May 10 - August 31 the meeting time is at 15:00.
  • April 20 - May 9 and September 1 - September 10 we meet at 14:00.


  • 2400 SEK per adult in groups of up to 4 people
  • 1200 SEK per child * when accompanied by an adult
  • If 2 people want the hideout for themselves, the cost is 3000 SEK per person

*Children refers to ages 5-15 years

The price includes

  • Homemade snacks on arrival
  • Transport to and from the hide
  • A night in the hide
  • Bright binoculars
  • Bird and animal books
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Access to guest room with beds

To bring

  • Rubber boots / shoes
  • Camera
  • Food and drink for the time in the hide (ca 17-08:00)

To think about

  • Do not bring rustling packaging (eg. crisp bags). repack them in lunch/plastic boxes
  • No strong perfumes / detergents or other strong scents. Preferably come "neutral".

Other species

  • Nearly always: Jay, red squirrel, chaffinch, great spotted woodpecker
  • Often: Fox,willow tit.
  • Occasionally: Grey-headed Woodpecker, badgers, black woodpeckers, brambling, buzzards, goshawks, sparrow hawks, ravens, great tit, crow, magpie, crossbill, vole
  • Rarely: White-tailed eagle, golden eagle, deer, moose, pine marten

Adventurous bear viewing April 20-May 9

Bears are moving around the hideout from the end of March. As there may be snow remaining during this period and the thawing is in full swing we cannot use the road but must walk 1.5 km through the forest. During the walk we can encounter both exciting tracks and wildlife.

During this period the activity is suitable for healthy adults with relatively good fitness.

Our activities are done on the conditions of nature and there is no guarantee of what we will see / hear / experience.


A modest sandwich is served on arrival and we go through all the practical information. After a short walk through the forest, the guide shows you the right way to hide and on your own you begin the exciting search. In the morning you will be picked up by the guide and breakfast buffet is served in the gallery. Maybe you’ve been awake all night and need to rest before returning home. You are welcome to use one of our guest rooms.


The bears usually stay 20-30 metres from the hide (as close as 6-7 metres). For photographing, 100-500 mm lens work well. Of course, it is also possible to use simpler cameras with shorter focal lengths, when shooting directly through the windows. The hide has 9 photo windows on 3 of the 4 walls. There are “bean bags” for the cameras in the hide and smart tripod solutions. Your own tripod heads/tripods do not work. Flash is not allowed.

You are safe and secure in the hide. The bears are very shy and the smallest sounds can make them run away. The hide has 2 beds, 140×200 cm (you can lie 2 in 1 bed) and a simple toilet. Blankets, sleeping bags and pillows are available, also warm slippers of various sizes and the floor has an insulating mat as well as rag rugs on top. There is good mobile coverage in the hide.

Good to know before bear watching

Guided tour

A guide informs you of all the details and shows you the right things to do in the hide. In the morning, the guide will meet you and answer questions during breakfast.


There is a modest sandwich on arrival. Notify us about any special diet / allergy.

Packed lunch

You can bring your own food or order a lunch bag containing pasta salad, sandwich, fruit, juice, tea / coffee. 175 SEK/person.


Breakfast is included in this activity. Notify us about any special diet / allergy.


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