Just over 2 hours north of Stockholms airport Arlanda,
you can experience wild brown bears.
Here is a special built forest hut where both bears and other animals
have been seen on many occasions.
In the sparse pine forest a bear can appear at any time.

A chance to experience bears at close quarters

Meet at Wild Nordic’s gallery. A “late lunch” sandwich is served and we go through all the practical information.
After a short walk through the forest, the guide show you the hide and on your own you begin the exciting search.

The hide is designed for 4 people but it is fine to be 5, even 6 people.

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We recommend to be 2 adults when booking with children. It is hard to have to scout by yourself until dusk and from dawn. Families with children can only book private hide.

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Our activities are done on the conditions of nature and there is no guarantee of what we will see / hear / experience.

During the five seasons of 2016-2020 the average success rate of the bear watching activity was 90%. In 2017 Gävleborg County had about 500 bears. The authorities then took the decision to drastically decrease the bear population. The county now has about 300 bears.

In August 2020 some of the largest bears of the area were shot. As a result, the bear watching season of 2021 turned out very different from previous years. When the larger and older bears disappear, the younger bears become more insecure and frightened.

Year 2022 the success rate was 75%. Year 2023 it was heavy rain for many weeks and the success rate was 60%. Without the period of rain, the success rate was 73%.

Plus a very nice bonus – wolverine was seen at 20% of the sessions.

If there are fewer bears in one particular area, the experts believe that new bears will establish themselves in that area. There is no guarantee of seeing bears. The activity is done on the terms of nature and wildlife, but we make every effort to optimize the chances. The guests must also follow our advice and guidelines. Our season is covering the best time of the year for bear watching. Every year bears have visited the hide about one month before and one month after the actual season.


A big sandwich is served on arrival and we go through all the practical information. After a short walk through the forest, the guide shows you the right way to hide and on your own you begin the exciting search. In the morning you will be picked up by the guide and breakfast buffet is served in the gallery. Maybe you’ve been awake all night and need to rest before returning home. You are welcome to use one of our guest rooms.


The bears usually stay 20-30 metres from the hide (as close as 6-7 metres). For photographing, 200-500 mm lens work well. Of course, it is also possible to use simpler cameras with shorter focal lengths, when shooting directly through the windows. The hide has 10 photo windows on 3 of the 4 walls. There are “bean bags” for the cameras in the hide and smart tripod solutions. Your own tripod heads/tripods does not work. Flash is not allowed.

You are safe in the hide. The bears are very shy and the smallest sounds can make them run away. The hide has 2 beds, 140×200 cm (you can lie 2 in 1 bed) and extra bed/beds for companies of 5-6 persons. There is a simple toilet. Blankets, warm ponchos and pillows are available, also warm slippers of various sizes and the floor has an insulating mat as well a rugs on top. There is bad reception in the hide. (If you come with children it might be good to download films/games before your stay.)

Good to know before this activity

Guided tour

A guide informs you of all the details and shows you the right things to do in the hide. In the morning, the guide will meet you and answer questions during breakfast.


Big sandwich is served on arrival. Notify us about any special diet / allergy.

Packed lunch

Bring your own food for the time in the hide.


Breakfast is included. Notify us about any special diet / allergy.


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