“I am only a few metres away from the buzzards!
It’s like being allowed to come into their living room 
and be with them for a day and see what they do. “

Buzzards and wild nature

In the forest just outside Sandviken stands a special forest hut, which is adapted to photograph wildlife and birds. Most people come here in the summer to see bears.
They can be seen in the autumn as well but due to the longer night the chances are reduced.

This is when the buzzards come.
During the late summer we often have several buzzards around the hide. They come to feed for their journey south. It is cool to sit just a few metres away from these beautiful birds.

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Our activities are done on the conditions of nature and there is no guarantee of what we will see / hear / experience.


We meet at 8:30 in the morning at Wild Nordic’s gallery for a welcome cup of coffee and a chat. We then go for a short car drive and walk 200 metres. the guide will show you the set up in the hide and leave you to explore on your own. We will pick you up just before before dusk.


Tree stumps and bird perches are found around the hide for the best possible chance to see and photograph the birds. There are 10 different windows with photo openings where you can place your camera. 200-500 mm is suitable for shooting. Of course, simpler cameras are also fine to use. The buzzards land about 20 metres from the hide. There is also food for small birds and squirrels at 4-7 metres distance. There are bean bags and smart tripod solutions. Your own tripod heads/ tripods do not work. Flash is not allowed.

The hide is a wooden building that stands in a sparse pine forest with windows in three directions. The hide has room for four people and there are 2 beds, 140×200 cm and a simple toilet. Blankets, warm ponchos, pillows, slippers are available. The floor has an insulating mat and rugs on top. There is bad connection in the hide (ok for calls and texts but unstable internet).

Good to know before this activity

Guided tour

A guide will welcome you and show you how it works in the hide and pick you up at the end of the day.

Packed lunch

Bring your own food for the time in the hide. We can arrange coffee/tea in our thermoses.

Child friendly

This is a suitable family activity because you are only in the hide during the daytime.

Coffee and snacks

It includes coffee and snacks on arrival. Report any special diet / food allergy.


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