Siberian Jay

In the Gästrike forests we have had Siberian Jays in the same place during several winters.
Several Siberian Jays have appeared on almost every occasion.
If you are calm and have patience, they can land just a few metres from you.

A winter day with the sociable Siberian jay

The Siberian jay is a type of crow that is recognized by its grey-brown and rust-red plumage. It often seeks out people in the forest and is known to be fearless.

The Siberian jay occurs in northern Sweden, to the center of Dalarna and northwest Gästrikland. It is a sedentary bird that thrives in old spruce forest with tree larvae. They stock up on food that is hidden away and each individual can have up to 5,000 stores. They have a huge memory capacity because they can recall up to 90% of their stores.

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We meet at 09:00 at Wild Nordic’s gallery and set off for the Siberian jays. After half an hours drive we are on site and can look for Siberian jays & small birds, as well as make a fire & grill sausages.

When we come back to Wild Nordic it will be simple refreshments, look at the photo exhibition and do the activity “Wilderness School”, when you can, in teams or individually, guess the poop, skull, tracks & other parts from our Swedish wildlife. The day ends at 15-16:00.


Siberian jays, crested tits, willow tits and other small birds can be photographed at 5-7 metres distance. A 100-300 mm lens and tripod fits well. Seat sticks and stumps are available that can be moved around.

Child friendly

Since the Siberian jays are relatively fearless, this activity is suitable for children. Feeding takes place near a road so you do not have to walk very far and therefore it is also suitable for adults with reduced mobility.

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